“The Church's great liturgical tradition teaches us that fruitful participation in the liturgy requires that one be personally conformed to the mystery being celebrated… Otherwise, however carefully planned and executed our liturgies may be, they would risk falling into a certain ritualism. Hence the need to provide an education in eucharistic faith capable of enabling the faithful to live personally what they celebrate.” (Pope Benedict XVI, SACRAMENTUM CARITATIS, 64)

Monday, April 20, 2009

What we need for this psalm is... More Cowbell!

Buzzing around the blogs, I found a contribution via The Recovering Choir Director that was too good not to share.
Are you sick and tired of spending parish money on responsorial psalms from the major publishers that are either paraphrases of the official translation of the psalms, and/or musical settings of the psalms written in styles that are unfit for liturgical use?
Yes!  Sick and tired!  You know, it's not so much the money as it is the buyer's remorse.

Well look no more; we have your stimulus package right here.

It’s the Chabanel Responso.rial Psalm Project

Yes, psalms written in musical styles that are fit for liturgical use.  Chant, traditional music styles accompanied by the organ, or sung a cappella.  You don’t have to worry about those piano, keyboard, or guitar books here.

What about cowbell? (hat tip to Mrs Andy)

Forget about Marty and David and pals.  We have skilled composers who are knowledgeable in Catholic liturgy and music.  Here’s a small sampling of our composers:

and of course the project’s founder, Jeff Ostrowski.

Forget about Marty and David.  How is that possible?  I will die with "All Are Welcome" echoing in head.  By the way, didn't I see Arlene perform with the St. Louis Jesuits last month?

In addition to the quality musical settings offered here at Chabanel are psalm texts of the official English translations from the current Lectionary for Mass — not paraphrases.
Sure, you found a "quality music setting" that just so happens to fit the official English translation of each of the psalms for the mass.  Right.  How many Broadway shows and furniture polish commercials did you have to wade through to accomplish that?

Further, you parish will be pleased to learn that all these musical settings are absolutely free.  If that doesn’t boost your parish’s economy, what does?
My parish, like most parishes I'm sure, has announced impeding belt-tightening due to an expected enormous shortfall.  Nevertheless, investing in paraphrased psalms is a priority.  As well as paraphrased Glorias, Sanctuses, and gratuitously paraphrased Agnus Deis.  Were we to actually follow the official texts, the GIRM, or any of the instructions promulgated since Vatican II, our parishioners would, no doubt, loudly complain or find other social outlets on Sunday.  We can't have either.  

The Chabanel Responsorial Psalm Project - Save Money; Save the Liturgy; Save the World.

Visit us at chabanelpsalms.org.

Yes, it is too good to be true.  These fine folks at Chabanel have done about all they can do.  However, there exists a powerful will to retain the signature suburban parish tripe.  And money is no object.  You can throw a horse in water, but this one has his lips clenched.

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